nedjelja, 1. studenoga 2015.

My cinderella story

Hello lovely people all around world smile emoticon I am so excited to show you this post! I woke up with a fairytale-inspired outfit idea. So here it is! It was cold and windy outside, but, for great photos we have to be ready to take on any weather condition. Big thanks to my lovely friends, and their help on our small set grin emoticon Do you like todays outfit post! How is the weather in your city?



srijeda, 28. listopada 2015.

Fall elegance

Hello lovely people all around the world grin emoticon For today's outfit I chose this black and white combination (inspired by this weather today :P).
A cozy sweater like this one is definitely a must-have item for this season. smile emoticon I hope that you like today's post, even though it is a little bit different. Let me know in the comments below wink emoticon
Thank you for all your support! It means so so so so so so so so so so much to me grin emoticon grin emoticon
Kisses and hugs

nedjelja, 25. listopada 2015.



Hello lovely people all around the wooorlddd :) New post is up! I hope that you like it!
Kisses and hugssss :)

ponedjeljak, 19. listopada 2015.

Be 贵妇 Be 你

Hello lovely people all around the world :D I finally got out of bed and my cold is getting better. Yaaaay!!! :D The weather conditions were pretty good today, we had a little bit of sun! Finally... And that is a reason enough for me to make a new post!
The outfit of the day has a little bit of everything, i love this burgundy tartan/plaid skirt, and I think we can combine it with a lot of differetnt items! For today, I have decided to pair it with this white cardigan. I think it is a five star outfit ;)

I hope that you like it too!!! Kisses and hugs!

nedjelja, 11. listopada 2015.

Black FeniX

Hello my dears, for today's post I chose this urban-city-combination. The weather was weird, something betweencold and hot, and I didn't know what to wear. About two weeks ago I caught a bad cold and I don't want that to happen again. Thankfully I'm all better now and full of energy and inspiration for new outfits and I'm sending out only positive vibrations. This „grin“-Emoticon Leather black jacket is a universal piece that goes with everything, we all need that basic dress items in our closet! These boyfriend ripped jeans are right up my alley and I loveee wearing them soo much. I am addicted to big bags, and in the beginning I didn't know what to do with this small baby. How to wear thIS small bag...? For me, it was so delicate, it was almost like handling a real small baby (xD xD) but I got used to it! I hope that you like this combination, and I hope that everyone is in a good mood! 
Kissess and hugssssss

ponedjeljak, 5. listopada 2015.